Questions and Answers

  Question:  Why are you in competition with Christian Educational Ministries?  Ron Dart started CEM. I do not know the whole story about RLDEA. I have heard that Allie had something to do with RLDEA. I would appreciate some clarification. Thank you for your help.

     Answer:  RLDEA is not in competition with CEM.  
     RLDEA was created by Allie Dart because she had lost confidence in the CEM board, so she created RLDEA as a supplement to CEM — not as a replacement for CEM — not as a competitor of CEM.  
     Further, RLDEA was created primarily with Allie’s money that she earned as one of the top realtors in Tyler Texas for years.   RLDEA is being sustained by funds from Allie’s estate.  (We don’t accept donations from the public.)   It was Allie’s right to set this up with her money to promote her late husband’s works.  
     At RLDEA, we are open to working harmoniously with CEM.  We have been open from the beginning.  
     Wes White